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Dried fruits are a delicious, healthy snack full of concentrated vitamins, minerals & nutrients. They contain more fibre compared to their fresh versions which is great for the digestive system. Country Products stock an extensive range of dried fruits to suit every preference.

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  • £ 2.92

    Our South African currants are great quality, lovely and small.Although ever effort is made to remove the seeds, due to the nature of the product there may still be some seeds in the currants.Available in 500g and 1 Kilos

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    Wonderful eaten as a healthy snack. Often added to Fruit Salads, soaked on their own or with added fruit Juice or alcohol. Also used in Delia Smith's Light Christmas Cake recipe.

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  • £ 1.05

    Cranberries are naturally fat-free, cholesterol-free and have no artificial flavours or preservative. These Cranberries are dressed with a sweetened sunflower oil.

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  • £ 1.45

    This wonderful product can be eaten as a snack, rehydrated, or added as an ingredient to other mixes. I even add this to my superior mincemeat where it makes a fantastic addition and a lovely surprise when eaten. We add it to muesli and dried fruit mixes, but to eat it just as it is is a delight.

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  • £ 2.74

    These dried Peaches make an excellent addition to any Dried Fruit Salad.

    £ 2.74
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  • £ 4.85

    Figs can be eaten fresh or dried, and used in jam-making. Most commercial production is in dried or otherwise processed forms, since the ripe fruit does not transport well, and once picked does not keep well. The widely produced fig newton or fig roll is a biscuit with a filling made from figs.

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  • £ 9.00

    These delicious Flame Raisins come from Chilie. They are rounder than the standard Thompson Raisins, generally plumper and darker in colour. They are great to snack on, add to cereals, and of course bake with.

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  • £ 2.64

    These Fruit Cake Mix contains, Seedless Currants, Raisins & Sultanas, Red Glace Cherries & Mixed Peel. If you require a Top Quality Dried Fruit Mix without the Cherries & Peel Please order our Vine Fruit Mix.Available in a 500g and a 5 kilo.

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  • £ 3.85

    Our top quality golden sultanas originate from either South Africa or Australia. They are free of additives, but dressed in vegetable oil to ensure their free flowing qualities. Availbale in 500g, 1 Kilo, 5 Kilos and 12.5 Kilos.

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  • £ 5.42

    These raisins come from the Muscatel Grape variety - Muscat gordo blanco - Lexia can be eaten as they are or used in Christmas Puddings

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  • £ 3.26

    This currant is in high demand for those consumers wanting Quality Seedless Fruit (For which Country Products is well known). Unobtainable in the major multiples, and sold predominantly in the North of England, they are without doubt the product that made us so well known locally over 20 years ago.

    £ 3.26
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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items