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Country products can provide a flexible food packaging service for its customers, saving them time and money. Our customers don’t want their food packaging project filled, they want to feel fulfilled! The peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with making one phone call to their trusted contract food packaging partner.

  • Our modern and flexible premises allow us to provide tailor-made food packaging solutions specifically for your requirements.


  • We’ll work proactively with you to optimise your food packaging requirements, ensuring flexible and high-quality food packaging solutions backed up by many years of experience in the industry.

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We are a BRC Food accredited site, with a grade A rating.

We have a dedicated food packaging room, offering full batch control and traceability, and can pack finished items in shelf-ready packaging in a variety of formats and packaging materials.  We can pack a variety of product lines both organic and non-organic, from toasted sesame seeds to porridge oats and more. (Selection listed below)

BRC A Grade Accredited

Retailer Audited

Organic Food
Federation Accredited

Soil Association
Organic Accredited

Country Products


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Why use Contract a Packing Company?

By using our packaging service you are reducing production costs and ensuring a professional standard. We house all the required machinery and manage the supply chain, allowing you to focus on the core responsibilities of the business. If you were to package your own products you would need to buy all the equipment and hire the necessary staff. Using our services allows you to cut down on costs and ensure superior quality.

We hold a close working relationship with all our clients. Working on ways to optimise their packaging needs, ensuring they receive tailor-made solutions.

Who Should Use Contract Packing Services?

If your company doesn’t have the funds and space to set up its own packaging line and workforce then outsourcing for packaging is the best bet. Outsourcing for packaging gives you more control over your business costs. Not only that but you receive professional-standard packaged products.

We recommend using contract packaging services if you are working at your capacity. Outsourcing allows you to relieve this pressure from your company. Allowing you and your team to find ways to develop and grow your company and brand.

Country Products


Packing Facility

We use manual and automated multi-head weighers

to automatically weigh and fill products, and can produce many different types of packaging including Quad, Gussett and Pillow packs. We also overprint and add Euroslot holes to hang bags. All products are metal detected and check-weighed to follow food safety standards.

Packing Capabilities

4 Multihead Lines
5 Multihead Lines
2 Twinhead Lines
2 Twinhead Lines

Jars (plastic),
Tubs, 15kg Bulk
Specialist Hand packing


Sachets 10g-5kg,
Quad Packs
(Sizes on request)


Recyclable and paper
options available

Hand Finishing
1 Hand Finishing Line

Country Products

Ambient Packing Capabilities

our products

Nuts and Mixes

Chocolate products

Chocolate Products


Seeds & Seed Mixes

Snacks & snacking

Snacks & Snacking


Museli & Oats



Country Products

Our Specialist Packing Facility

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We act as contract packers for some of the best-known names in our industry.
If you have a contract packing requirement, please contact us using the enquiry form below giving as much detail as possible, We will then be back in touch with you.

Country Products

Quality Foods all packed in-house

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Country Products goods are all packed in-house using our own modern food packaging facilities. We are also contract packers and package food for some of the largest independent wholesalers in the country as well as many independent retailers. Country Products are registered packers of organic goods with the Soil Association. (License No P1987).
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