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    Wonderful eaten as a healthy snack. Often added to Fruit Salads, soaked on their own or with added fruit Juice or alcohol. Also used in Delia Smith's Light Christmas Cake recipe.

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    Thompson Seedless Raisins, possibly the best Raisin! Succulent and moist, these are dressed with a natural sunflower oil.

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    Our Carlin Peas are grown in the UK and are the 'Minerva' variety. The Sunday before Palm Sunday, is Carlin Sunday and on it people in the North & North East traditionally eat Carlin Peas. In the North West where the are consumed mainly around Bonfire Night, where they are traditionally called Brown Peas. 

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    This Glacé Pineapple is from France, and is manufactured to a more 'stickier finish' than the South African Glacé Pineapple which has a 'drier finish'. Both can be used in White Christmas Cakes, Celebration Cakes or simply eaten & enjoyed as they are.

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    Top quality American almonds finely ground. A multitude of uses including ingredients for cakes and marzipan.

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    These Fruit Cake Mix contains, Seedless Currants, Raisins & Sultanas, Red Glace Cherries & Mixed Peel. If you require a Top Quality Dried Fruit Mix without the Cherries & Peel Please order our Vine Fruit Mix.Available in a 300g and a 5 kilo.

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    Wonderful crystallised ginger, with a multitude of uses, varying from just a lovely nibble to an ingredients in a variety of both sweet & savoury dishes. Many people take ginger for medicinal reasons, morning sickness, travel sickness and allsorts of general stomach malaise.

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    Whole pieces of Candied Orange Peel. Orange is part of the Citrus family - therefore if your recipe calls for Citrus or Citron peel you can use Lemon, Orange or Citron Melon Peel - all of which we stock.

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    Almonds - Whole from California. In our opinion and that of most other informed traders, the best almonds available.Almonds are rich in protein - weight for weight they contain nearly 75 per cent more than eggs.

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    Having a party or a few friends round for drinks, this will solve the problem for nibbles. Surely the most popular and best know of all Indian Snacks.

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    The 'mixed spice' of British cookery is primarily used in sweet baking and is a fragrant reminder of Christmas recipes. Very similar to France's sweet quatre-épices, it typically incorporates cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves or allspice. Store in a sealed container, keep cool and store in the dark. This will keep the product nice and fresh.

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    Fed up with those lumpy packs of sugar, want a beautiful moist sugar...Look no further. Otherwise known as Dark Muscavado Sugar.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 243 items